Assimilation, 2019. Work in progress.


Assimilation examines the modern stage of the progress of cybernetics; in particular the development, failures and (the quantum?) future of internet and the world wide web. It explores some of the frightening ways global information technology is affecting our lives and possible futures through speculative fiction, questioning specifically the dynamics of personal data appropriation and capitalization from big corps and the illusion of privacy. 


As quantum physics is regarded as the theory that most precisely describes nature to this day, it also promises a lot of very strange and powerful technological developments. What quantum developments await cybernetics, computing and information technologies? Could quantum technologies also make more violent and precise data trafficking frictions in the digital environment and enable full world domination by google, facebook, amazon and twitter pairing human behaviour data scooped by the internet? Is human thought the ultimate privacy frontier? 

Assimilation examines cybernetics as a human technology: drawing on the possibilities of how information is communicated both ways in the digital environment and through the internet.


Assimilation, 2019. Mobile friendly video excerpt, 0:33". 

 Gabriella Torres Ferrer

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