We Are All Under the Same Sky, 2018. Emergency blankets, helium, human presence sensor, digital environmental sounds. 82.7 x 63" and 41.35 x 31.5".

We Are All Under the Same Sky are sonic sculptural works created from sheets of lightweight emergency blankets shaped as clouds, which are inflated with helium and air. The work responds at different levels to the visitors and the spatial conditions. The cloud is provided with a motion detector that I programmed, which registers all the activities that take place in the space. Human presence activates a series of sounds. In the first version it activated a selection of various protest sounds around the world with the intention of exploring other realities. A second version of the work responded with sound fragments, all related to the registration and storage of data on the Internet; to what extent is the information we leave behind in the digital space utilized? How does this digital track determine the information which in turn reach us? How is this influencing our consumption behavior?

Advisor & collaborator: Enityaset Rodríguez Santos.

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