Mine Your Own Business, 2018 – ongoing. Microcomputers, live data, found objects, electroluminescent LED panels, fruits, batteries and wires, dimensions variable.

What are the capitalist-colonial entanglements behind the promises of interconnectivity, technological decentralization and our everyday digital lives? These are core questions to the Mine Your Own Business series. The first networked pieces of the series featured real-time cryptocurrency—btc miners questioning the utopian/speculative wave of crypto businesses that arrived to Puerto Rico after the 2017 hurricane, and seemed to take advantage of places in crisis. At the same time, these miners challenged the huge amounts of energy and computational power bitcoin requires; using the least, scattered into production waste—and therefore least 'successful'.

A contemplation on hyper-individuality, capitalism, pollution in contrast with technology; progress. The series has evolved to display other types of live data relevant to networked society at large, cross-examining global fintech dreams of deregulated empowerment and sovereignty.


Mine Your Own Business / Mine Your Own Business living sculptures


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