phone office, 2021 an ad intervention collaboratory with Jasmina Al-Qaisi, at Ku’damm 42, Berlin, 52°30'07.5"N 13°19'16.9”E

‘The video text shows remains of a wasteland of perception where accelerated communication slows down: The phone watching and being watched is a “workplace” where the user is squeezed in dissidence to both productivity and consumption, translating the world.’

stills by Victoria Tomaschko
gossip, fleeting moments, and performances, 2021
choreographed (or: curated) by Anja Lückenkemper and Sandra Teitge


Isn't the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme (fragment), 2020. Video, city billboard, 4°38'24''N 74°4'12''W. Exhibited in 9:16, Colombia.


Assimilació, 2019. Installation at La Virreina, Centre de la Imatge in Barcelona, for group show “Rather than más bien que en lloc de”. Visual interventions at Virreina's physical and digital advertising spaces.

https://terremoto.mx/marginalia-55/, 2019. Visual intervention on (Terremoto's) Instagram as an ad space, featured in Terremoto Magazine's Marginalia artist invitation series.


 Gabriella Torres Ferrer