Isn't the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme?, 2019. Media and dimensions variable.

An ongoing serie that addresses decentralized and unregulated ecologies of value creation that track and commodify personal data. The data extracted represents a powerful instrument that supplies individualized information packages in the form of, for instance, advertisements. This serie explores the semiotics shaping the digital (almost omnipresent) neighborhood environment by playing with targeted ad aesthetics and graphics questioning internet’s fake empathy and the illusion of privacy. A commercial détournement that ironically celebrates the low style of global capital.


https://terremoto.mx/marginalia-55/, 2019. Instagram image jamming and text featured in Terremoto Magazine's Marginalia artist invitation series.


http://itwjagbps.com/, 2019. Digital landscape, unique website, variable dimensions by device. A speculative commercial web détournement based on a not too distant corporatocratic dystopian future where business engage in immediately commodifying any kind of disruption in the system. In this future, capitalist interests start lying more intensely about all the data they extract from our online-offline existence, at a pace so fast people don’t have resources nor the knowledge needed to understand. On the other hand government regulations are created for different reasons, but we shouldn't loose sight of the fact that the first civilian data collectors have been the government itself. As we immerse ourselves everyday from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep in this seemingly "immaterial" landscape, corps strengthen their machine algorithms to the extent of very accurately predicting and directing our  "resistance" or classic contra-power strategy to a point real resistance seems impossible.



〽️’👂🐀’ 2020.  Instagram post, 0:09"



Dripping Screen View I, 2020. Latex acrylic ink on polyester canvas, LED panels. Dimensions variable.



Isn’t the World a Great Big Pyramid Scheme?, 2019. Electroluminescent LED panels, electric cords and plugs, dimensions variable. 


Isn’t the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme? (Kitties!), 2019. Electroluminescent panel, electric cord and plug, 29 x 21 cm.


Detail - Isn’t the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme? (Ad Choice), 2019. Electroluminescent panel, electric cord and plug, 41.9 x 29.2 cm.



Isn’t the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme? (Dried up), 2019. Electroluminescent panel, electric cord and plug, 25.8 x 3.8cm.



Assimilació, 2019. Installation in at La Virreina, Centre de la Imatge in Barcelona, for group show “Rather than más bien que en lloc de”Visual interventions at Virreina's physical and digital advertising spaces. 



Assimilation, 2019. Mobile friendly video, 0:54" 


"be" "yourself", 2020. Instagram AR filter view. If the digital track we leave determine the information which in turn reach us, can we really be ourselves?

 Gabriella Torres Ferrer

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