Valora tu mentira, 2018 – ongoing. Media and dimensions variable.

The series Valora tu mentira draws inspiration from Franz Fanon's seminal work, The Wretched of the Earth, delving into the enduring colonial dynamics that persist in various forms. This series explores the myriad ways in which colonial strategies are employed to control a population by denying them genuine power or autonomy. A prominent theme examines the imposed U.S. citizenship on Puerto Ricans—a status that offers symbolic, powerless representation, leaving them with little influence over their economic and political futures. 

Expanding its critique to an international scope, the series scrutinizes the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA). It questions the promises made under such legislation and investigates who truly benefits from these agreements. Furthermore, it examines the complicity of the local ruling class who perpetuate colonial oppression and systemic corruption that undermines genuine economic and social progress.

Moreover, the series interrogates the portrayal of colonial monuments in 'post-colonial' countries, reframing them not as symbols of resistance but as manifestations of colonial subjugation by the ruling class. Through these reflections, Valora tu mentira encourages viewers to engage in a dialogue on reclaiming autonomy and reshaping cultural and political landscapes on a global scale, informed by the interconnected realities of capitalism and colonialism.


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